Thursday, July 25, 2013

Meet Tavi...lover of gelato and anything yellow!

Hello, hello!!
This week I am introducing our lead baker Tavi! She has been baking forever...being best friends we have conjured up tons of fun things in the kitchen. For a while we had a blog called "Sweet treats from my best friends kitchen." Note to Tav we need to keep up with that!)

Let's start with the basics:
Favorite color: Yellow
Favorite cupcake: Lick the bowl
Favorite music: Rap (ask her to rap for you sometime it's a hoot!), she is recently addicted to the blurred lines song and as every 90's kid Nsync. We heard Nsync playing in the car last night and needless to say I'm sure you wouldn't have wanted to be a fly on the window of that car. Nothing like reliving elementary memories. Haha.
Favorite shows: Full House, Boy Meets world, Greys Anatomy, The Office.
Some other random facts....
*Tavi has been working for Tamara since the end of September. She started in baking and is now the reining queen of the bakers.
*She is in love with Ryan Gosling and Jake out James (James is her long time boyfriend.)
*She is addicted to gelato. I mean addicted...when we last went to Milwaukee we spent the entire trip trying to find gelato...addict :p
*She loves tea-cup pigs. Someday she will own one!!
*She just became an auntie! Needless to say she is going to spoil him rotten!
*Her number one place to visit someday is Italy.
*Aside from work she bakes at home as well. She is always baking up something delicious in her kitchen. But just like anyone we all have "fails" haha.
SpongeBob at his best...

We made soufflés!
Well there ya go!! Now you know a little bit more about our lovely baker! We are so blessed to have her here. She keeps us laughing and the cupcakes and cookies coming!

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