Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Tough Boss

The Tough Boss

Our teenage employee, Rachel Spanbauer, lost her battle with brain and spine cancer last week. It was a heck of a battle. She was a warrior, an inspiration, courageous and strong beyond her years…beyond what I can ever imagine being. She faced the world with a smile on her face even with the grimmest of prognosis, and blew me away with her strength. Rachel’s persistence and optimism were absolutely beautiful to watch.

At Rachel’s funeral I was told repeatedly how much she loved to work for me, and I was humbled. In many ways those words warmed my heart, but they stung at the same time. Because, unlike Rachel, I am not a perpetual optimist. I am not always smiling, and I honestly know that I was tough on Rachel, like I am on all of my staff.

I grew up in a lower middle class family, in rural northern Michigan. My father worked ridiculous hours all of the time to provide for my brothers and I, and the foster children we took into our home. As soon as I was old enough, at the age of 14, I started my first “real” job at the Roscommon Dairy Queen. I loved to work, and absolutely loved my job. I begged for hours and worked as hard as I could when I was there. My first boss, Mr. King, was tough. Standing around was absolutely unacceptable, there was always something to be done. Cleaning, dipping dilly bars, more cleaning, filling, back-up, whatever it took. We were not allowed to socialize; we were expected to give 100%, 100% of the time. I thought he was tough but I respected him for it.

As years went on I had different jobs (sometimes 2-3 jobs) to pay my bills in college, etc. I approached every job with that foundation of knowing I was expected to work as hard as I could. I pushed myself at work, trying to move to the next level as fast as I could, not because I wanted more pay, but because I have a personal drive to be the best I can be. I always thrived in a work place; work was my comfort zone. The only job I ever struggled with was a couple months when I worked in retail and there was nothing to do except greet people and fold shirts. I could not stand being idle. I needed a job that pushed me. I needed goals. I needed something to DO at all times.

When I first started cake decorating, I knew I had found my passion. I worked at Dairy Queen in Milwaukee while attending Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, and that is where I decorated my first cake professionally. I originally decorated cakes as a kid here and there, because my grandmother did it professionally and my mom did them for all of us and for a few customers as well.  I fell in love with the art form and subsequently started to teach myself every technique I could.

My first job in a bakery was a tough one, with high expectations on speed, quality, and most important to them, quantity. I pushed myself; long days, long hours, no air conditioning, and assembly line type work. I pushed myself so that I was promoted to wedding cake decorator before the girls hired before me were. I pushed myself to be the fastest, to work the most, to be the best. And, yes, again, my bosses were tough. I could work a 12-14+ hour day, and if on the next day I was even one minute late, I was in trouble. I could decorate 100-150 sheetcakes a day, and then get sat down and “talked to” because on one of those sheetcakes the frosting cross looked like I rushed. But it made me better, it made me stronger, and it set me up for success. At the time I was beyond annoyed. I knew I made them money. I could decorate a $500 wedding cake in 2 hours, yet I did not even make $8 an hour. I worked 2 jobs at that time, and slept very little.

When I left that job it was because I wanted more freedom to design and be creative. I ended up at another bakery where they paid me salary based on a 40-45 hour workweek. I worked a minimum of 55 and often 70-80 hours a week. I took their wedding business from literally 12 cakes a year, to over 100 weddings a year. I built that wedding business up within my first year. At this point I don’t know if I would say they were the toughest bosses, because I was running that department and I was my own tough boss. I wanted to be the best, to push myself. I never turned down work, and took so much pride in what I had built for them.  The breaking point where I knew I had to go out on my own was when the Packers went to the Superbowl. I had created an original designed “Packer cookie” and we literally would have lines waiting for their own Brett Farve or Reggie White cookie. My bosses would bake racks of cookies, then go home and leave them all for me to decorate. I would do them, working those looong days, but I knew I should do it for myself someday.

That brings me to the opening of my own little shop.

As a boss, I am tough. I know I can be. I have high expectations and the temper of my German-Irish grandfather. But I love people; I love my staff. I love being able to hire a person, try them in different departments and watch them grow into their positions. I care about each and every one of them and I want to know what is happening in their lives. I attend their events, musicals, pageants, etc. if they invite me. I want to see their artwork, meet their significant others, hold their babies, laugh with them, cry with them…. If they want off work for any reason I try to make the schedule work. If they aren’t happy in one department I try to find what makes them happy and what their strengths are. I have been accused of keeping people who don’t fit for too long. I hate giving up on someone, but not everyone is always a good fit for our little shop.

I love their creativity and passion for the job. I am blessed to know all of them. The ones who drive me crazy, the ones who just can’t handle the work (although it is a cupcake shop, it’s hard work, it’s long hours, it’s insanity sometimes) and the ones who continuously blow me away with how much they care about their jobs, the ones who are the back bone of my business. I try to see every person’s strengths and even though I sometimes get frustrated, I care about them. I am so blessed to share my life with them. They are my family.

Throughout the years I have been accused of caring too much and being too personal. But honestly, I cannot help who I am. I do care about every person that I have the privilege of knowing. Every person who we meet in life is put there for a reason and a part of God’s plan.

That brings me back to Rachel. Rachel was persistent in wanting a job with me. She asked, and asked, applied and continued to bug us until I interviewed her and finally hired her. I hired her as a dishwasher because that is where all of my high school students start. And she drove me crazy sometimes…. I am not patient, and she required patience (which many of my employees do, not just Rachel). She was always eager (sometimes too eager) always had new ideas (which I love) but very much a typical teenager. Things like forgetting to use the ask off calendar and at the last minute not being available…it did not happen more than it did with any other teenager and I wasn’t harder on her than anyone else. I treated her like I treat everyone. I am a tough boss.

She always wanted to do more than dishes (who could blame her) and at times I had her deliver or create cupcake flavors, but mostly, she did dishes. And she still loved her job. That was Rachel, positive no matter what circumstances.

When Rachel came to me a little over a year ago and told me her cancer was back, she told me what her schedule would be for chemo and wanted me to keep her on the schedule as long as I could work around the treatments. When the chemo made her tired, she apologized for being slow, and still very much wanted to be on the schedule. When school was starting and her body was rejecting the treatment, she wanted to be able to go to school, continue horrible treatments and still see what shifts I could find for her. She always wanted to be here as much as she could be, even though it was usually just washing dishes. On what ended up being her last shift of work here, she came in and started the dishes which were comprised of the typical never ending pile that a crazy Saturday at a bakery brings. I know how much she loved to do other things around the bakery, so I decided to send her with my husband on a wedding cupcake delivery. She was excited but right away apologized because her shirt was wet from dishes. I gave her one of our new t-shirts and sent her on her way. At this time she was struggling to walk or stand for long amounts of time, but she was so excited to do that delivery, she was beaming.

The most heart breaking part of the story for me, is that I will never know what the next chapter of her professional life could have brought. Where would her amazing work ethic have taken her? I know it is a blessing that God decided her story will continue differently, painless, safely in His loving arms in His kingdom. I was blessed to know her and blessed that she choose to join my team under the polka dots. We will forever remember Sweet Rachel. Whenever you enjoy one of our Dewberry or Brownie Thunder cupcakes please remember her too. They will always have a special meaning to every one of us under the polka dots.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wacky Wednesday!!!

Hello friends! Today I thought I'd tell you all about how awesome wacky Wednesday is! Do you ever look on our Facebook page and see people winning things?! Well...this is a GREAT way to be one of those people!

What on Earth is Wacky Wednesday?! - It is only one of the best days of the week! Watch our Facebook page every Tuesday night. We'll put up a post asking what you want to see. This is what YOU want, your time to think of something new and exciting! We have had some pretty outstanding and delicious ideas in the past. It can be something kooky and crazy or something simple and classic. If your idea is chosen we make that cupcake/cookie/bar into a reality AND you get it for FREE. Watch our Facebook on Wednesdays we post the winners and the winning cupcakes throughout the day!

Excited yet?? We especially love this day because we get to hear your ideas!

Here are a few favorites we've seen so far...

Banana Toffee Pie
A banana toffee cupcake with a pie baked on the bottom filled with caramel toffee filling topped in a banana whipped topping with a mini banana cream pie on top
Caramel Apple snicker Salad cupcake

Cookie Crazy

Blue Moon Cotton Candy Mash-up

Peanut Butter Kit Kat

Sprinkle Bomb Superman mash-up
White confetti cupcake/ superman swirl cupcake
Filled with sprinkle cake batter and Cherry whipped topping
topped with blue raspberry buttercream and dipped in sprinkles

 Whopper Caramel Crunch
So there you have it!! Want to see your dream cupcake become a reality?? Well then we will be hearing from you next Wacky Wednesday!
Be there or be square!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

17 reasons YOU need to stop down #underthepolkadots

Woohoo we've just hit over 17,000 likes on Facebook!! That is reason to celebrate! Today I will be counting down the 17 reasons YOU need to stop down #underthepolkadots.
                #17- We now have sweet treats for your furry friends! We call them pupcakes!
#16- Mary's mad rapping skills!
#15- We offer over 200 cupcake flavors and usually have 10-20 different fun flavors in the cases! We list our daily flavors on our Facebook page! Join in on the fun and Like our page. We will keep you up to date on flavors, specials and so much more!
#14- Sometimes we break out into random dance parties!
#13- We have cookies as BIG as your head!
#12- We always have samples! Cookies, bars and any other new treats we're trying! We love getting your feedback so sample away!

#11- We have 9, count them 9 everyday flavors. Peanut Butter Cup, Snickers, Birthday Cake, Triple Chocolate, Red Velvet, Sweet Raspberry, Carrot, Lick the bowl and some sort of lemon.
#10- The bright and cheery cupcake girls behind the counter!
#9- Our bakers are always conjuring something yummy! On a normal weekday we bake about 55 dozen cupcakes and 8 dozen cookies for in the Case, plus orders, on  a Saturday we bake 125 dozen cupcakes for in the case! Not to mention bars, cheesecakes, truffles, dog treats, cakes and pretty much anything else you can think of.
#8- "I work out so I can eat cupcakes" We rock some pretty awesome pink shirts with this saying. They are available to buy in the shop as well!!
#7- While you enjoy your cupcake you can admire some of Tamara's uniquely designed cakes!

#6- We are kind of really obsessed with the movie Frozen! Sometimes we have Olaf cupcakes and there is a good chance the sound track will be playing when you're here ;)
#5- We are home to the almost famous Lick The Bowl cupcakes! What is it?? Let me tell you...this is a double chocolate cupcake filled with eggless cookie dough and brownie batter and iced in Brownie batter whip. Not a day goes by where we aren't asked if we have it. You wanted it...we did it! It is now an everyday flavor!

#4- It's always 5 o'clock somewhere...
#3- You may even catch a glimpse of the infamous Cake Guru herself...
#2- Cupcakes make everyone HAPPY!!!
#1We LOVE our customers!! You guys seriously make the shop. We LOVE that you include us in such monumental moments of your life! We LOVE that you are so creative and always have new ideas for cupcakes! We LOVE that you participate in our contests. We've seen everything from rapping battles to cupcake eating contests. We LOVE that you share your photos with us! You guys get 2 thumbs up!! Thanks for loving our shop and making our days so much brighter :)

What kinds of things do y'all want to see on our Blog?


Until next week....Megan!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Turkey 12!!!

I've had a few questions about our "Turkey 12"'s how it works...

$27 per dozen Mix and Match these flavors for pre-order or come in and choose from case, or order 1 flavor per dozen.
Sweet Potato Marshmallow
Caramel Apple Crisp
Orange Cranberry
Pumpkin Spiced Latte
Pecan Pie
Peanut Butter Cup
Red Velvet
Sweet Raspberry
Sprinkle Turkey's
Triple Chocolate Turkey's

Gobble Gobble....

Hello, hello!! We are getting in full swing for the Holiday season! We still can't believe that Thanksgiving is next week already...crazy! Here is your go to guide for everything Thanksgiving :) Why not celebrate with a pink box from #underthepolkadots

If you have any questions at all just give us a call or ask any of the gals up front!

And as all of you know...we are so very thankful for all of you :)
Thanksgiving Menu


·        Check out our “Turkey 12” order forms which allow you to pre-order an assortment of our Thanksgiving flavors $27

·        Choose the flavor of your choice and order 1 flavor per dozen

·        Pick your own assortment from our cases – with this we cannot guarantee we will have the flavor you are looking for


·         Manderfields- (small) Apple, Apple Streusel, Blueberry, Cherry, Cherry Streusel, Raspberry, Strawberry Rhubarb, Rhubarb Custard/Mincemeat, Berry Medley, Peaches and Cream, Pecan, Caramel Apple, Lemon Meringue/Cream, Key Lime, Strawberry Cream Cheese, Gourmet Turtle, German Chocolate, Banana Cream, Lemon Meringue (prices range from $5.25-6.95)


·         Cake Guru- (large pies)  $14-each  Fresh Cranberry Apple, Fresh Fruit Caramel Apple Crumble, Fresh Fruit Dutch Apple Crumble,  Fresh Fruit Grandma’s Apple, Peanut Butter Cup, Bourbon Pecan, Chocolate Banana Cream, Coconut cream, Chocolate Silk  and Boston Cream ($10)



3” personal serves 1-2 $6                     8”serves 8-12 $25                             10” serves 15-25 $40

·        We offer a variety of flavors for our 8”, and 10” cheesecakes. Flavors with a * are also offered in a 3” size.

·        New York, Fruit Swirl or Topped (raspberry, strawberry, cherry, blueberry, lemon, applespice)*, White Chocolate Raspberry*, Chocolate Raspberry, Pumpkin, Key Lime, Dreamsicle, Caramel Cashew*, Turtle*, Heath Crunch, Chocolate Chip, Caramel Brownie, Chocolate Peanut Butter*, Cookies and Cream*, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Mocha Swirl, Lemon, Banana Cream, Crème De Minthe





·        We offer “Bar platters” which will feature an assortment of smaller versions of our bar flavors. Or you can order bars individually or by the dozen

·        Small Bar Platter- serves 8-10 $15 Large platter serves 15-25 $30

·        Flavors-Smores bar, Lick the bowl bar, Snickerdoodle caramel apple bar, Caramel apple cheesecake bar, Cheesecake Brownie bar, White Chocolate Cranberry bar, Cookie dough bar, Lemon bar, Pumpkin bar, Pumpkin Cheesecake bar, Bad to the brownie bar, Cherry Pie bar, Cake batter bar, Scotcheroo, Variety of brownie bites



·        Our bun selections include flavors such as…Cloverleaf buns, Old fashioned Potato rolls, Pretzel dinner rolls,  Tomato focaccio buns, croissants, Hard crust rolls, Semmels, Italian rolls and more (Prices vary based on selection Exp. Cloverleaf -$3.10 dz, Potato buns $3.10 dz.)

·        Bread selections include Butter Crust, Cheddar herb sourdough, round loaves of sourdough and Peasant, Honey Hearth, Ciabatta, Country French, French Baquette, Wheat, Vieanna, A variety of Ryes, Multi-grans and whole wheats and more, ask a staff member for a full flavor and price list

·        Sweet Breads include raisin, old fashioned cinnamon, cinnamon barrel, Placek, and more



·        We offer a variety of over 30 cookie flavors, from our oversized chocolate chunk, salted caramel, cheesecake chocolate chunk, our icing filled doozies, and our custom buttercream hand piped sugar cookies. Ask at the counter for our flavor list, and Watch for our holiday cookie boxes. Call or stop down to order cookies by the dozen, or as a cookie tray.

·        We also are offering our homemade cut-out cookie dough and pre-cut holiday cut-outs plus sprinkles and icings for a quick start to your Holiday cookie decorating needs


Small Desserts

·        We offer a variety of small desserts including eclairs, cream puffs, cannolis, chocolate covered strawberries, cheesecake and brownie bites, mousse cups, mousse parfaits, fruit pizzas, trifles, cake and cheesecake push-pops and more. Prices vary based on variety


·        Our Tortes can be ordered in a variety of sizes and flavors. Some selections include ~ Chocolate covered Strawberry, Lick the Bowl, Turtle, Dirt Cake, Raspberry Lemon Layer Cake, Almond Poppyseed, Pumpkin Salted Caramel Latte, Peanut Butter Cup, Snickers

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Meeeeet Brooke!!

Hello, hello blogger friends!!
Sorry it's taken a little while to update...but you see we are quite crazy around our little shop!! But today calls for a NEW blog post!!

Today I am doing a post on one of the funniest girls in the bakery. We have done many events such as, dressing up for a Star Wars theme competition together! There is never a dull moment with her around here.

Let's start with the basics...
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite cupcake: Lick the bowl
Favorite music: Country and Rap. We like to call her ghetto B around here :p
Favorite shows: Breaking Bad
*Some other fun facts...
*Brooke has been working for Tamara since November. As many of you know that is when we opened. It must be her smiling face that keeps you all coming in :) (oh yea and maybe the cupcakes too.)
*She loves cheese curds!! (we are guilty of ordering them at least once a week)
*She is going to school for Psychology.
*Brooke + Izzi=BFF (Izzi is Tamara's youngest daughter and she just loooooves Brooke. Brooke is always #1!)
*She used to be a competitive swimmer...for 13 years! From 5-18. That's crazy! (Go Brooke!)
*She has never dyed her hair.
*She has a nephew Jack who is 2 years old. She is a proud auntie!

There you go! Now you know a little bit more about one of our lead cupcake girls!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Our super "sweet" 16!!

Hello blogger lovers! We have some very exciting news!! As many of you know we will be celebrating our super sweet 16 here at shop on August 14. That is coming up fast, fast, fast!! Get ready for a day of fun festivities. What an exciting journey it has been for Tamara over the last 16 years. She started out with just her and her husband Larry and has now grown to having over 20 employees. What a blessing this all has been. It's hard to imagine Oshkosh without our sweet little shop in it now. But it's hardly a little shop. You wouldn't even imagine all that goes into a day here. We have Tamara and 2-3 girls in her room, 2 bakers, 2-3 decorators and of course the 2 of us up front to help you guys pick your perfect cupcake. We have batter, fondant, frosting and boxes flying all over the place. But in the best, crazy way possible. We want to celebrate with you guys!! Come join in on our crazy creative little family!
Here is how it will work. It will be going on all day (10-6.)
10:00 am-16 sweet tiers unveil.
Free slices and cupcakes until they are gone!
Come and try our brand new super sweet 16 cupcake flavor (we will be accepting ideas until Sunday, stop in our shop to fill out a sheet)
Tamara's couples-Bring your husband/wife and have our photo taken while you cut a slice of cake together! How fun!!

11:00-3:00-Decorate your own mini cupcake.
Children can let their creativity flow from 1-3. We will have all sorts of fun yum yums for them to decorate and eat!
4:00 pm-Oshkosh Celebrity eating contest!
Cake, Cake....CAKE!!!
The list is constantly growing...we can't give everything away :p
As of right now we have some awesome people lined up!
-Bob Burnell (Radio personality from 1490 WOSH)
-Jeff Bollier (From the Oshkosh Northwestern)
-Michelle or Aaron from the beautiful Paine Art Centre.
-Tim Franz (Fire chief)
-Dr. Laufer (Everyone's favorite pediatrician)
-Molly or Amy of the YMCA
-Marty in the morning (Radio Personality of B104.7)

*I am still convincing Tamara she needs to!!! (convince her with me)

5:00 pm-Throwback price drawing
Engaged couples: Come in anytime before 5:00 to put your name in a drawing for 1997 wedding cake pricing...
$1 a slice!!!!!!
There will be drawings for other deals ALL day!!
All day long...
Cakewalks, Facebook competitions, prizes, the NEW Sweets Boutique playlist, photobooths...and more!!
We are so excited we can barely contain it...can't wait to see all of your smiling faces!!!