Saturday, August 17, 2013

Meeeeet Brooke!!

Hello, hello blogger friends!!
Sorry it's taken a little while to update...but you see we are quite crazy around our little shop!! But today calls for a NEW blog post!!

Today I am doing a post on one of the funniest girls in the bakery. We have done many events such as, dressing up for a Star Wars theme competition together! There is never a dull moment with her around here.

Let's start with the basics...
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite cupcake: Lick the bowl
Favorite music: Country and Rap. We like to call her ghetto B around here :p
Favorite shows: Breaking Bad
*Some other fun facts...
*Brooke has been working for Tamara since November. As many of you know that is when we opened. It must be her smiling face that keeps you all coming in :) (oh yea and maybe the cupcakes too.)
*She loves cheese curds!! (we are guilty of ordering them at least once a week)
*She is going to school for Psychology.
*Brooke + Izzi=BFF (Izzi is Tamara's youngest daughter and she just loooooves Brooke. Brooke is always #1!)
*She used to be a competitive swimmer...for 13 years! From 5-18. That's crazy! (Go Brooke!)
*She has never dyed her hair.
*She has a nephew Jack who is 2 years old. She is a proud auntie!

There you go! Now you know a little bit more about one of our lead cupcake girls!

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