Thursday, July 25, 2013

Meet Tavi...lover of gelato and anything yellow!

Hello, hello!!
This week I am introducing our lead baker Tavi! She has been baking forever...being best friends we have conjured up tons of fun things in the kitchen. For a while we had a blog called "Sweet treats from my best friends kitchen." Note to Tav we need to keep up with that!)

Let's start with the basics:
Favorite color: Yellow
Favorite cupcake: Lick the bowl
Favorite music: Rap (ask her to rap for you sometime it's a hoot!), she is recently addicted to the blurred lines song and as every 90's kid Nsync. We heard Nsync playing in the car last night and needless to say I'm sure you wouldn't have wanted to be a fly on the window of that car. Nothing like reliving elementary memories. Haha.
Favorite shows: Full House, Boy Meets world, Greys Anatomy, The Office.
Some other random facts....
*Tavi has been working for Tamara since the end of September. She started in baking and is now the reining queen of the bakers.
*She is in love with Ryan Gosling and Jake out James (James is her long time boyfriend.)
*She is addicted to gelato. I mean addicted...when we last went to Milwaukee we spent the entire trip trying to find gelato...addict :p
*She loves tea-cup pigs. Someday she will own one!!
*She just became an auntie! Needless to say she is going to spoil him rotten!
*Her number one place to visit someday is Italy.
*Aside from work she bakes at home as well. She is always baking up something delicious in her kitchen. But just like anyone we all have "fails" haha.
SpongeBob at his best...

We made souffl├ęs!
Well there ya go!! Now you know a little bit more about our lovely baker! We are so blessed to have her here. She keeps us laughing and the cupcakes and cookies coming!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My name is Megan..and I'm addicted to to polka dots.

Hey guys!!
We thought it would be fun to write a post featuring someone in the bakery every week. Get to know the crew a little better. I plan on introducing the girls up front that you always see, bakers, decorators and everyone in between. It's always fun to learn more about people you see a few times a week :)

 This week I decided to start with myself as the "tester."
Okay...where to begin. Hmm...well we can start out with I'm Megan and I like to talk...a lot. Haha. That's why I am usually the one always up front. I love my customers :)
Let's start with the basics:
Favorite color: Pink (good thing I work in this bakery)
Favorite cupcake: Peanut butter cup (pumpkin rocks too!!)
Favorite music: Taylor Swift, The Beatles, She & Him, Mumford and sons, Dierks Bentley, Miranda Lambert and anything country!!
Favorite shows: FRIENDS, The Cosby show, Full House, Gilmore Girls
 Some other random things are...
*I've been working for Tamara since September. I got trained in baking and now work mainly up front and do a lot of wedding shows and anything done with the public. I also work on planning certain events. My next project is, I keep telling Tamara we need our own TV show. Oh it will happen


*I'm best friends with the lead baker Tavi. We have been best friends since the 3rd grade. That makes us old haha.
*I have been a vegetarian since the seventh grade, Tavi and I did it as a New Years resolution and it just kind of stuck.


*It's rare you will see me in pants. I prefer dresses or skirts. Anything vintage or polka dotted is a major perk as well! 
*My favorite place in the world is Nashville, Tennessee. I try to go at least once a year. Good food, people and music!
*My "addictions" include-Reese Witherspoon movies, pineapple, Target, red lipstick and polka dots.

*On the side I do some modeling. I am so blessed to be able to do fashion shows and photo shoots.

*My celebrity crush is Rupert Grint (yess Ron from Harry Potter)
*I have a fat cat named Bootsie!

Well there ya go now you know a little bit more.

Be sure to tune in for our next segment :)


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hello blog world!!

Hey guys! My name is Megan and I am so excited to be starting up this blog!! I've done blogging in the past and am so excited to be starting one up for Tamara's!! You might recognize me as "the cupcake girl." I can tell you any cupcake inside and out. It's what we do as cupcake girls :p

Here I'm holding our chocolate covered strawberry cupcake. A triple chocolate cupcake filled with strawberry and iced in fudgy chocolate frosting, whip and garnished with a fresh chocolate dipped strawberry!

With this blog I plan to keep you guys up to date with everything that goes on in our fabulous little sweets boutique. I will post about new cupcake flavors we've created, fun events we attend and host and some of the wildly fun cakes Tamara creates. There is never a dull moment in this shop...believe me!!
Here are some fun facts:
  • The best selling fabu-lux cupcake is peanut butter cup. What is it? A chocolate chocolate chip cupcake filled with BOTH chocolate silk and peanut butter and then iced in a peanut butter cream cheese. (This is my personal fav too!)
  • Tamara is going on 16 years of business. Be sure to save the date, August 14th. We will be having a "sweet 16 celebration" to celebrate 16 years of business!! We're still planning out the details buuuut you won't want to miss it believe me!!
  • See the octopus?? All cake! And THAT is why she's the cake guru!!
  • When Tamara opened up the new shop we had under 10 people working there. Now 8 months later we have grown to having over 20. Business is booming and we could not be more excited to expand even more! We're all like one big crazy family and we wouldn't have it any other way!
    Cupcake warrior Champions 2013 for Wisconsin Baker's Association!
  • We have fun days of the week: Wacky Wednesday, Special Request Thursday.

Wacky Wednesday: Hawaiian luau and totally 80's day

  • The rumors are true...we do make bacon cupcakes and cookies! It's the salty and sweet, I'm telling ya! Anything bacon is always a hit in the shop!
  • Fun fact to go along with the bacon. 4 of the girls at the bakery are vegetarians. Tamara and I included haha.
  • Our "everyday" flavors are-Snickers, Peanut butter cup, Red velvet, Birthday cake and Triple Chocolate. Along with those we try to keep 10-20 different flavors in the case at a time!
  • We are constantly adding new flavors! We try to do a new one almost every day! The cupcake flavor list is say the least!
  • Have any cupcake ideas that you would like to see? Share them with us! We love to hear them!! You can leave comments on here or comment our Facebook page. We love hearing your ideas That's how some favorites were created!
Funnel cake, Bahama mama, Watermelon sour patch
Superman, Blue moon, Rainbow Brite
Cotton Candy, Chocolate covered strawberry, Blue raspberry lemonade duck tail
Puppy chow, Chocolate caramel bacon, lick the bowl

Be sure to like us on Facebook so you can see what flavors we have daily.
For those who want to know we are located in Oshkosh, WI at 1529 Oregon st.