Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wacky Wednesday!!!

Hello friends! Today I thought I'd tell you all about how awesome wacky Wednesday is! Do you ever look on our Facebook page and see people winning things?! Well...this is a GREAT way to be one of those people!

What on Earth is Wacky Wednesday?! - It is only one of the best days of the week! Watch our Facebook page every Tuesday night. We'll put up a post asking what you want to see. This is what YOU want, your time to think of something new and exciting! We have had some pretty outstanding and delicious ideas in the past. It can be something kooky and crazy or something simple and classic. If your idea is chosen we make that cupcake/cookie/bar into a reality AND you get it for FREE. Watch our Facebook on Wednesdays we post the winners and the winning cupcakes throughout the day!

Excited yet?? We especially love this day because we get to hear your ideas!

Here are a few favorites we've seen so far...

Banana Toffee Pie
A banana toffee cupcake with a pie baked on the bottom filled with caramel toffee filling topped in a banana whipped topping with a mini banana cream pie on top
Caramel Apple snicker Salad cupcake

Cookie Crazy

Blue Moon Cotton Candy Mash-up

Peanut Butter Kit Kat

Sprinkle Bomb Superman mash-up
White confetti cupcake/ superman swirl cupcake
Filled with sprinkle cake batter and Cherry whipped topping
topped with blue raspberry buttercream and dipped in sprinkles

 Whopper Caramel Crunch
So there you have it!! Want to see your dream cupcake become a reality?? Well then we will be hearing from you next Wacky Wednesday!
Be there or be square!

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